America This Bud's for You

Summer 2016 was truly an American Summer. With the runup to a controversial presidential election, the stellar performance of US athletes at the Rio Olympics and the impressive showing of the US soccer team at the Copa America Centennial, American identity was at once celebrated and debated.


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The America campaign made a statement that’s impossible to ignore: Budweiser is America and America is Budweiser. What better way to commemorate the ‘most American of summers’ then to literally hold America in your hands.

Budweiser’s iconic typography was altered to read like a continuous ode to the country. The ‘Budweiser’ script was changed to ‘America’ and ‘King of Beers’  to ‘E Pluribus Unum.’ And we didn’t stop there. ‘This is the famous Budweiser beer’ was replaced by lyrics from the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ and ‘Brewed by our original process…’ by lyrics from ‘This Land is Your Land.’


The America campaign took the world by storm, with 1.6 billion impressions—more than the last two Super Bowl ads combined.