Big Data for Every Child

Whether it’s migration, epidemics or suicide, tackling the world’s most complex problems affecting children isn’t easy. Big data can make these problems less daunting but access to this information is difficult and expensive. Unicef came to us with a new initiative that connects data holders with researchers and data scientists, to help improve the lives of children.


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Unicef refer to corporate data as a maze of information, challenging to navigate when looking for pathways to solutions. We took this analogy on, naming the initiative Marble – objects – like data, with unique and complex forms that move their way through channels and a universally recognized children’s toy.

We centered the system around a custom typeface “Maze Sans,” that takes inspiration from marble maze games. Open and ever changing, it has a three-weight character set of varying complexity evoking maze-like pathways.  Colorful marbles allow the system to illustrate the journey of data in a simple and approachable way, both statically and when in motion.

The team are collaborating with the likes of Google, Telefonica and the Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) in Italy, with more partnerships to come, one more step towards improving the lives of children everywhere.

Marble is built on the merging of data and design for social good. The team brought our mission to life through creative work that will resonate across countries, languages and cultures. They exceeded our expectations and are true partners in designing the future of ethical data

Founding Partner, Marble
Data, Research, Policy Manager, Unicef