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Starting in Harlem in the 90’s, on a baseball diamond on "The Worst Block in New York City," Dream has given inner-city youth the chance to play, learn, grow—and realize their dreams. Since then, the organization had expanded on their mission and needed an identity to reflect their growth and confident spirit.


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From naming to identity to apparel, we re-envisioned a Dream that was ready to take on the future. The logo is inspired by the home plate—a fitting nod to where the organization began and a visual metaphor for safety, protection and kids’ unlimited potential.

The uniforms are hand-lettered with different typography for each age group.  For grades K-5, we borrowed from classic baseball themes, embodying the history and quirks of the game. The Middle School uniforms lean into the industrialized feel of locker rooms and stadium signage, and the High School uniforms are inspired by great moments in baseball history.

The passion and care that the team brought to our organization were matchless. Ultimately, their work will help DREAM advance our mission to more neighborhoods and cities all around the country.

Founder, Dream