Making Impossible, Possible

Courtney Tulloch does things other gymnasts can’t. The proof? He’s got two moves named after him (T1 and T2, if you’re asking). He pushes his body to the limits. And it’s made him a champion.


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To capture the gymnast’s unique way of moving, we went all out – crafting a custom typeface from scratch.

Tulloch One and Tulloch Two are the result of a collaboration between 3D modelling, motion and traditional type design, with every character directly inspired by the visual language of the rings, as well as Courtney’s performances on them. When caught in mid-movement, the characters often appear unfathomable. But if you hang around long enough for them to rotate 360°, their meaning is revealed.

Together, Tulloch One and Tulloch Two form the bedrock of the new look and feel. Expect an identity that stands out from the crowd and elevates Courtney’s profile far beyond gymnastics.

What’s more, the combination of typeface, moving imagery and tone of voice comes into its own on YouTube and Instagram: platforms which Courtney uses to empower the next generation of athletes and share news of his mentoring work.

It feels incredible to have a team of people helping me to make all of my dreams become a reality.

Courtney Tulloch