Reinventing the Wheel

Vredestein is one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in the world, with a legacy stretching back more than a century. Already a familiar name across central and northern Europe, the brand was seeking to grow globally. But to do so, we needed to refresh its well-worn look with a modern, precise identity.

Putting a new spin on Vredestein’s heritage, we combined elements from the glory days of tyre advertising with contemporary thinking to create a unique and digital-first identity.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Exhibition Design


At the core of the identity are the “journey lines”, evoking the near-infinite possibilities that are unlocked by Vredestein tyres around the world.

Each product category, from passenger car tyres to agricultural, from bicycle to trucks features an own able style of journey line, to be used across communication.

We refined and redrew the Vredestein logo, considering every application, from pixel to rubber. We fine-tuned the mark for digital applications and worked closely with the brand’s engineering team to ensure maximum legibility when moulded into tyres.

At the Vredestein Museum Archive in Enschede, the Netherlands, we also uncovered the classic V Monogram, and brought this back to life creating an iconic mark for digital platforms.

Vredestein has a reputation for innovation, boasting industry-firsts such as the launch of the original winter tyre. What’s more, the company’s commitment to performance is matched by its respect for design, something reflected in its 1997 decision to partner with the famous Giugiaro Studio in Italy.

It was the spark for our brand idea: Refined by Design.

The brand speaks in Mono45 Headline, a monospace uppercase font that’s as legible as it is characterful, inspired by typefaces used for vintage posters, as well as industrial purposes and technical literature.

To inject motion across communications – from product literature to social media animations – we developed a distinctive kinetic typography style.

Dutch design agencies BART and Ronin created a digital exhibition to launch the Vredestein new identity, together with its new winter tyre.
Inspired by the brand idea “refined by design”,  the showcase comprises interactive 3D renders of new car tyres and graphic animations.