Enjoy Freely

More than half the breweries in the US shut their doors during Prohibition. Not Budweiser. The brand introduced a non-alcoholic beer to see them through the dry years, and it became an icon of perseverance in an era of adversity. We resurrected this story with the launch of Budweiser Prohibition Brew, the world’s most confident non-alcoholic beer.


Brand Identity


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Clio Gold Award x 2
D&AD Wood Pencil


Digging into the Budweiser archives, we uncovered graphic elements from the Prohibition era and brought them back to life to showcase the beer’s origins. We took the original script and typography, relettered them, and even reintroduced the AB eagles. A campaign based on the concept of freedom is summed up in the tagline ‘Enjoy Freely’—this is a beer you can now enjoy anytime.

Launched in Canada in 2016 and now in multiple markets around the world, the integrated campaign garnered 1.5MM impressions on social media alone.

69% of those reactions were positive sentiments, making headway towards removing the stigma associated with NA beverages.