Celebrating the & in M&M’s

The world's most colorful chocolate brand is on a mission to make everyone feel they belong. To help, we developed a flexible visual identity that can be mixed and matched in meaningful ways, inspiring moments of shared fun.


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We began with the ampersand—a sign of togetherness from the very beginning— designed to join the names of M&M’s founders Mars & Murrie.

Next came color. Just like pouring out a pack of M&M’s, our brand world now playfully celebrates our full, iconic spectrum.

Introducing the first custom typeface family from M&M’s. All Together spells out fun with an eclectic mix of weights and widths. But the real joy is in the details—there are ink traps that hint to smiles and ball terminals that reference M&M’s classic, circular shape.

Motion brings the refreshed identity to life. M&M’s fall, spin, bounce, and roll right off the page… making sure that the fun never stops.