New Rules

Foot Locker is a leading retailer for sneakers and streetwear, with over 3,000 locations globally. While the Men’s & Kid’s businesses have continued to thrive, the U.S. Women’s business was lacking the ability to connect with women that deeply love sneaker culture. It was time to rewrite the rules.


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Our work began with the dazzle camouflage ships of World War I. These ships used dynamic patterns intended–not to conceal–but to make them difficult to pin-point; a visual metaphor we found very fitting for our female sneakerheads. We remixed the iconic footlocker stripes to create a dynamic visual language, undefined, and never recognizable.

In collaboration with type foundry Face 37, we developed a custom typeface based on the unique characteristics of the Foot Locker logotype.

We unveiled the redesign on International Women’s Day with a campaign called “New Rules”, inspired by women who are changing the game in sneaker culture.

We gave the iconic mascot a ‘fresh set of stripes’, simplifying the style while maintaining the personality, allowing for better use across digital channels.