A World Renewed

Having a beer shouldn’t cost the earth. In 2018, we challenged Budweiser to make a commitment: to effect real change in the world by brewing their beer with 100% renewable energy. They’ve already accomplished this in the US, and the effort is underway in global markets. Their ultimate goal is to be fully reliant on renewable electricity by 2025. And to galvanize this effort, we created a movement around it.


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To give the movement a symbol to rally around, we created an identity inspired by the battery on electronic devices, visible on every bottle of Budweiser brewed with renewable energy. The neutrality of the mark is intentional, so it could be used by other companies looking to join Budweiser’s effort—and become the universal service mark for renewable electricity.

Launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Budweiser’s effort to become fully reliant on renewable electricity will equate to taking 48,000 passenger vehicles off the road every year. Pretty impressive.