Betr for you, Betr for everyone

Everybody has the right to accessible, affordable medicine. But with the spiralling cost and complexity of healthcare in the US, not everybody can. Betr are on a mission to change that, by enabling those who can afford prescription medicines, to support those who can't. It's a transformational promise – and they needed a brand to match.


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Brand Identity
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The Dieline


Betr’s solution – for every bundle of essentials remedies you buy, they donate prescription medication to someone in need – is ingeniously simple, and our design aspires to capture that same feeling. It all starts with our logo, a symbol of how the brand is making a world of grey, Betr and brighter for everyone.

At every moment of the user experience, we wanted the brand to feel like a breath of fresh air. So from improved shoppability and satisfyingly no-nonsense messaging, to a community-led approach on social, Betr feels like a beacon of simplicity and joy.

Making the world a Betr place isn’t just about the remedies or giving back – it’s about moving healthcare forward, by bringing people together. Making the very idea of wellbeing more accessible and appealing to all. So, though you’ll probably never meet someone you’ve helped by buying Betr, the brand ensures you feel and understand that bond, all the same.