What would Burt & Irv do?

Baskin Robbins: the original ice cream brand. Practically synonymous with the category, the once-small, family-run shop grew to epic proportions thanks to imaginative flavors born from an unparalleled commitment to all things new and different. But with growth, comes dilution. And at Baskin, big became boring. Nearly 75 years after the brand’s inception, it was time to get back to Burt & Irv’s original business plan: variety.


We redrew the iconic 31 Symbol, treating the 31 as a canvas for flavor expression. A dynamic system of limitless possibilities showcases the wide variety of eclectic flavors offered.

In collaboration with type foundry Face 37, we developed a custom typeface based on the unique characteristics of the 31 symbol.

We created 31 imaginative and bold mini-identities for the most popular flavors around the world!